A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms – George R.R. Martin Review

Knight of the seven kingdomsThank you yet again George R R Martin! This was the perfect thing to read to get over my Game of Thrones season 7 hangover and keep me placated until we get a Winds of Winter release date.

This is set during the Targaryen reign and follows Ser Duncan the tall (Dunk) who is a hedge knight and his squire Egg as they travel through the kingdom and follow what they get up. You also get some great glimpses into some of the history around that time such as the Blackfyre rebellion which was really interesting to hear from a character instead of just reading about it on a wiki page! It was also nice to experience the history before the Westeros as we know it and also see how things started to develop into the Westeros that we have seen on the TV and in the ASOIAF books.

I’m not a fan of reading novella’s; I feel like a lot of authors tend to rush their writing and the novella’s fell complete and like they’ve skipper over a lot of detail but I thought that these worked really well as novella’s. The characters were written so well and the plot lines themselves weren’t overly complicated which also obviously helped. I also feel the illustrations really helped bring it all together and it was nice to look at how everything had been depicted as we went through the storyline. Especially for Dunk; He is very young in these books (around 19 or so) but because he kept being referred to as [hedge] knight, my mind just automatically placed him older than he was so it was nice to have the illustrations there to remind me!

I would definitely recommended these to both people who have read the ASOIAF books and people who haven’t – this could be a great start for someone to read about Westeros and the GoT series as I know that the ASOIAF books can be quite daunting.

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