With a Twist – Staci Hart Review

With a TwistThis is a standalone contemporary romance, told in dual POV.

I had high hopes for this because it had so many good ratings on good reads but unfortunately it was just Ok for me! There wasn’t really anything bad about this but there just wasn’t anything that made it great for me, although I don’t know why!  Like I said I don’t really have any problem with the book, something just didn’t click for me. I didn’t rush to pick it an carry on it was just meh.

It’s a friends to lovers romance and to be honest I did think the way that this progressed was well done and also the reasons for why they weren’t together before now was also well written and believable – It’s annoying is FTL romances when they literally just realise out of no-where “omg I’m in love with my bestest friend X” with no rhyme or reason.

As mentioned above, it is told in the dual POV; from Lily and Weston. Lily is a ballerina who has had a crush on one of her dance-mates for as long as she can remember and is finally getting to act on it and Weston is a teaching assistant who has been best friends with Lily since she moved into the same apartment block and hasn’t yet found “The One”.

I feel it important to mention that both characters are sleeping with other people at the start of this book so if that’s something you dislike then it is probably best to stay away from this book.

I’m honestly struggling to find much to put about this – I think ultimately I just didn’t click and connect with the characters which made it difficult for me to care much about what happened despite the storyline being carried out well.

This is a standalone book but it is in the “Bad Habits” series which contains two other books which tell the stories of the other characters which we were introduced to us in With A Twist:

  • Chaser – This tells the story of Cooper and Maggie who is Weston’s sister and moved to New York. She moved in with Lily and their other room mate, Rose, nearer the end of With a Twist.
  • Last Call – This tells the story of Trick and Rose, who from this book we find used to be together but then Trick dumped Rose despite the fact that it’s obvious in With a Twist he still likes her.

I’m not really sure if I’m going to carry on and read the other books; like I’ve said I didn’t really connect with any of the other characters so I don’t feel like I’m really that interested in finding out what happens with them!

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