Forever and Ever Boxed Set – E.L.Todd Review

Forever and EverFirst of all this boxed set is currently free to download on Amazon UK! The 1st book separately is free but the 2nd and 3rd cost around £3 so the boxed set is a great deal for free!

“I’m in love with Skye Preston.The Skye Preston.
The daughter of the wealthiest businessman in the world, and the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known. Her looks don’t compare to her golden heart. And her heart doesn’t compare to that big brain of hers.But I could never tell her.
Because we’ve been best friends for twenty years.
She has a jerk for a boyfriend, and I’m not the only one who thinks so. The rest of the gang can’t stand him either. But I’m not the kind of guy to intervene. I respect her too much to pull a stunt like that.
But then I spot her at a party, too drunk to even walk. The men are eyeing her like easy prey so I take her home. But when we get there Skye is different. She looks at me differently. She touches me differently. And she wants me differently.”

As expected from this blurb, these books follow the story of Cayson and Skye and their relationship but it also starts to include the POV of the side characters and their developing relationships. I was pleasantly surprised by how well this was done and I didn’t find myself feeling confused when the character POV changed or feeling like I’d missed any of the story. By the end of the third book, I actually preferred Slade and Trinity’s story to Cayson and Skye’s and and would probably carry on to see how their relationship developed more than Cayson and Skye’s.

The characters in this are at university and are all long-term family friends who are basically all very rich – although they’re all at uni, they don’t live in halls or student housing but have their own apartments and houses due to their overprotective parents insisting they don’t stay in the student dorms. I did find it weird how all of these family friends went to the same university, like in what world would that even happen?! Plus like none of them made any other friends at Uni which I could sort of understand because how do you know if their friends with you for our bazillions money or not? But seriously, no Uni friends?! That’s just weird and unrealistic.

One of the main issues I had with these books was how Cayson was; I highlighted several passages in the book where he just exhibited so much anger it was worrying like below:

“Now I was pissed. I marched to her o fast she almost tripped. I slammed her against the door with my body. “Take that back. Now.” Fear filled her eyes while she was pinned down.”

Like WTF?! That’s basically domestic abuse; you shouldn’t be scared of your partner and he shouldn’t be bloody slamming you against the door with his body! There’s also a point later on in the third book where he gets so angry he just throws his beer bottle on the ground and storms out. Again this is just not normal behavior and it’s so confusing when the author paints him as a caring, sensitive person – that is the opposite of all that. And the character the author pens as the bad-boy dick doesn’t do anything like this.

There was a great comment in the first book about Skye’s body;

Her waist curved into an hourglass figure, and her hips were wide. Her stomach was small and had an insignificant amount of flab, but I loved the sight”

Yes! I know she’s not a larger girl but I liked how there was the mention of that ‘insignificant flab’ and how he loved it! Although they need this comment as the author had a weird obsession with mentioning Skye’s larger than life boobs. All. The. Time.

Overall I did enjoy these stories; they read well and flowed and I did feel that the stories were more realistic. There were plot twists but they weren’t massive and ridiculous and didn’t feel like the author was pushing for these scenarios which wouldn’t happen. They felt organic and well placed and I generally felt the characters dealt with them well.

I would carry on reading this series except there are forty seven, yes 47 odd books in this series and I’m just not ready to commit to that sort reading as my TBR is too long as it is!

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