Gone Without a Trace – Mary Torjussen Review

Gone without a trace

I loved the premise of this book; you come home to find that your partner is gone and has taken everything. In fact, it’s as if they have been erased from your life and they never existed at all. This is something me and my partner have joked about many times before so I was intrigued to read this plot and see where it went!

Hannah was one of those characters where I wasn’t 100% sure if I liked her; I did feel sorry for her, I mean her boyfriend had literally up and left her. And then all weird crap had started happening to her which no-one believed and was just sending her more and more intense. But OMG sometimes I just wanted to slap her round the face and tell her to ‘wake the f up!’. Some of the things she was doing to find Matt was just ridiculous and crazy and I don’t understand how people didn’t step in more and help her.

I also felt like the Sam plot point was just chucked in and didn’t really play much into the story. I understand that it was probably just someone else who was going to betray her but it just seemed so ridiculous and unnecessary. Plus I also understand that the phone was just to make it seem like it could be him that was sending her the weird messages but it just seemed like it was added in for more confusion. I know that it was probably used to text Laura who he was cheating on his partner with, but that was another thing; what the hell was with all the cheating in this book?! Plus if he was so worried about her at work, then why the bloody hell did he not say something to her bosses or step in more?!

Can I just say – Katie, What. A. Bitch!! I just don’t even understand why you would keep her around being the sort of friend she was. I don’t care how long you’d been ‘friends’, if you can even call it that. I would have got rid of her a long time ago. The copying everything that Hannah did was just weird and pathetic although Hannah did come off as the sort of person who would enjoy the copying and see it as a form of flattery.

This story did keep me going and I felt like I couldn’t put it down because I just wanted to keep reading to find out what was going to happen. It had me on edge and I just wanted to see what was going to happen next and how far Hannah would spiral before she hit rock bottom. I didn’t see the ending coming and I did feel like some of it tidied up nicely from the Matt side. I can understand why he left how did once the plot twist was revealed and I just didn’t feel sorry for her at that point which to me showed a great story – granted I didn’t connect as much with Hannah as I usually would with a main character but I could understand why she was doing what she was doing and like I said above I felt sorry for her. But those tables turned when we found why Matt was left and I just pitied her and I felt quite disgusted by her to be honest and so sorry for Matt!

I did feel that maybe it did wrap up a bit too quickly and I felt like the stalker-y/watching part of the story was explained a bit rubbish and although I can understand why it was done, I did feel like it was a bit over-the-top and could have done with a bit more explanation and work. I really liked the epilogue ending and again, after watching Hannah throughout the book, it was just the perfect way to end.

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