Make Me Want – Katee Robert Review

New Review Layout copy“Lucy Baudin’s ex did a number on her self-esteem, but it’s time for her to regain control. In her job as a lawyer she’s bold, confident. But in the bedroom she needs inspiration to reawaken her inner seductress. Asking her friend Gideon Novak for help seems wrong…yet so deliciously right! “

Thank you to Net Galley and Harlequin Dare for providing me with an ARC copy of this book. All opinions are truthful and my own.

This book follows Lucy who needs a husband within the year to help her get the promotion she wants at work and in order to find her this husband, she asks one of her old friend Gideon for help as he runs a recruitment company. Gideon was also best friends with Lucy’s ex-fiancé and was the one who had to break it to Lucy that her fiancé was cheating on her.

Ok so my main issue here was the plot – the main point of this whole book was that Lucy needed a husband because otherwise she wouldn’t get the position as partner. She then goes on to mention that a previous co-worker went for partner but was overlooked and her male counter-part got given the position all because she was single. I just find that whole notion and concept so backwards and ridiculous and I honestly can’t believe that a book written in 2017 is using this as a plot point and as an excuse to find a blood fake husband to get around it!! Lucy is a lawyer and helps defend criminals, yet she stands for that sort of bullshit? What a lad of crap – I honestly can’t believe that her solution to this is to find herself a fake husband – it really annoyed me.

The other thing was that she not only asked Gideon to find her a husband, she also asked him to teach her ‘sex tips’ and basically give her sex lessons as her ex-fiancé told her one of the reason that he cheated on her was because she didn’t keep him satisfied in bed. I’m just going to interject here and say that I did enjoy that Lucy couldn’t shake the toxic things her ex said as I think it’s very realistic of coming out of a toxic relationship as all the bad things they said about you sticks with you the most and can leave you feeling like you’re not good enough for anything or anyone. So I definitely liked how this was shown in the book but I did think that the fact she was asking for bloody sex lessons from Gideon was a bit ridiculous. I mean there are god knows how many articles online to help or other ways she could help learn to improve her sex life without using Gideon.

So it’s obvious where this was going to go – Lucy develops feelings for Gideon and Gideon had feeling for Lucy way back when she decided to date Jeff over him so that wasn’t going to be made better by sleeping with Lucy. But what annoyed me again, was that despite Lucy having he balls to somehow date and marry and sleep with whichever random man that Gideon found to be her future, she couldn’t tell him how she felt?! She was willing to marry a complete stranger instead of simply telling Gideon how she felt and maybe marrying him instead. She had nothing to lose as he is meant to be finding her a bloody fake husband so why the hell did she not tell him and possibly have a fantastic life because of it! Gideon was just as bad – he also had nothing to lose and yet he still didn’t say anything to her despite having  had feelings for her for however long – he’d rather find her a fake husband than admit his bloody feelings and it’s all a pile of crap.

The writing for this book is what saved it slightly and despite the bad plot points is was a well written book and the sex scenes were super steamy. But ultimately, as mentioned above I couldn’t get over all the bad plot points which is why I rated this 2 stars.

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