All The Dirty Parts – Daniel Handler Review

All the dirty partsFirst of all thank you to NetGalley for providing me with the ARC for this – however all opinions are my own.

This was an  . .  interesting and strange read to say the least. First of all, I obviously can’t speak or how true the subjects that this book deals with as I’m a woman and this is a book about a teenage boy which I have no first-hand experience with. I do feel however that the depiction of a teenage by in this book isn’t really one of a typical teenage boy – Cole was literally sex-obsessed to the point where he states that he’s taking an art class because of the ratio of girls to boys and how most of the boys who are in the class are gay – but oh he enjoys the drawing let’s not forget!

There wasn’t really a plot to this as such, it just seemed to be us following Cole though his school year in snippets here and there. I understand there is a message in this and that Cole learns a lesson and gets to see what it’s like to no longer be wanted by the person he’s in love with which was good to watch as it happened organically and didn’t feel forced. I liked the Alec story arc and what it represented and I could actually see that perhaps happening in real life, especially in modern times with more younger adults being open with their sexuality and willingness to experiment.

I struggled with how this was written in some places, especially with the dialogue and I found it difficult to discern who was talking in a lot of places. Also, with Alec at the start, I struggled with them talking online and it got confusing as to if they were talking in person or nor and again who was actually talking.

I didn’t mind the explicitness of the book; it’s meant to be an adult novel and I enjoyed that it didn’t shy away for “all the dirty parts”, so-to-speak and it added to the authenticity of how the story is being told. Just note that it is explicit and therefore isn’t suitable for children or less mature young adults.

Overall I did like the book but with the lack of plot and the issues I had with the way it was written I only gave it 2 stars.

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