Burned Promises – Willow Winters Review

burned promisesThis is currently free on Amazon UK for Kindle!

This was my first book by Willow Winters; it’s told in a dual POV with Emma and Derek and is a second chance romance. Emma first walked away from Derek 5 years ago as he was into bad things and she knew that he wouldn’t change. Flash forward to the present where Emma is staying at her sister’s house whilst on holiday from University and Derek & Emma’s paths cross again.

It had a good premise and the story showed the struggle between choosing sexual attraction and possibly love against morality and good judgement. Derek hasn’t changed much and is still the bad boy he was before and has just increased in the ranks and is now managing the drug business he was involved in before. He refused to tell Emma anything about what he was doing which I personally found really annoying! She’s an adult now and I understand wanting to protect her by not letting her know too much about what he did but he literally told her nothing despite her continually asking and claiming to love her. He got incredibly angry at times and I just felt like it was unnecessary and I would have run a mile at that point; especially since she’d although broke things of before because of his business ventures. I did enjoy the sub-plot about Derek’s mum having cancer and although I saw the plot twist coming, I did enjoy the execution of it.

I have no problems with domineering men BUT there a difference between being domineering in a good way and then just taking it too far and I hated how it was done in this book. I highlighted a part in the book that says “I want her, so I’m taking her. It’s that simple.” NO! You don’t get to just bloody take her! There were comments like that scattered through the book and it really annoyed me. Unless she’s said otherwise you can’t just take when you want and do what you want. However, there is a great scene in this book where Emma gets high and then starts doing sexual things with Derek; he stops and carries her to bed and doesn’t even undress her which was great and could have obviously gone a very different way.

Overall I gave it 2 stars; it was an OK read but nothing impressive and I had issue with some of the writing.

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