Leashed – Zoe Dawson Review


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I didn’t enjoy this and it’s such a shame because it had such potential!

Leashed is a book about Callie Lassiter who is meant to be your sweet girl next door but with a tom-boy twist and Owen McKay who’s your typical bad boy lothario who owns his own club. They meet through an encounter with their dogs where Callie’s dog Jack gets Owen’s dog Jill pregnant.

It had the workings to be a good story, I mean romance mixed in with dogs – Hell Yes! But it just fell so flat. The kindle book which I read was only 232 pages, which I feel isn’t too short but not super long either. Yet I felt like the entire story was just rushed. Things were just skipped over completely and it made it a bit more difficult to keep sense of any time that may have passed.

This is also told in dual POV; from Callie’s side and from Owen’s side. There was no clear definition between who POV we were now seeing  – there were no page breaks, no name title to let us know who was now telling the story and it made it so confusing to keep up with who was now talking. I know the book was written in third person so maybe the author felt it might be easier to keep up with because of this but as mentioned, I just felt it could get a bit confusing. This was also the same for the major time or setting changes as there were page breaks; the paragraphs would just carry on going.

There was way too much emphasis on Callie being some sort of tom-boy, like it was literally mentioned in every bloody page. We get it; Callie isn’t your usual girly-girl who wears dresses and heels. The same was said for Owen, it was mentioned so much by him and by Callie about how much of a bad-boy he was, again we get it. It was played upon so much and it just annoying and it started to feel like that maybe Callie was sort of looking down on girls who weren’t tom-boys.

I felt like there wasn’t really enough of a development of their relationship and it was insta-love and went from zero to 100 in no time. I can understand that there was the lust there but that seemed to develop into love just ridiculously quickly I mean they were going on holiday within a month or so of being together and basically meeting and then moving in with each other. Seemed ridiculous to me, even for insta-love status.

I did enjoy the concept and like I said romance and dogs – Yes! But unfortunately the writing and execution just wasn’t enough to make this enjoyable.

This is part of a series which carries on with Callie’s friends POV for the next books but I won’t be continuing on with them.

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