The Accidental Scientist – Graeme Donald Review

Accidental ScientistThis is a non-fiction book which is described as the role of chance and luck in scientific discovery.

I really enjoyed this; it’s one of the first non-fiction books I’ve picked up in a while as they can be quite daunting due to them just being generally straight facts with (obviously) no plot which can make them difficult to read through and finish. However, I didn’t have that problem with this!

I think that because the chapters weren’t too long and each chapter was on something different it made a lot easier to make your way through. I don’t think there wasn’t a chapter that didn’t make me go “oooh I didn’t know that!” even in the chapters where I’d heard the main story behind it; It included so much extra stuff and was a really, pleasant read.

I also thought it wasn’t too complicated. I have a scientific background and took Biology, Chemistry and Physics at A level and then carried on to complete a degree in Biochemistry at university and I’ve picked up some non-fiction books which, although marketed for beginners to the scientific field, would have definitely struggled. This however required none of that and explained everything fully and not only that, it was straight forward and so easy to understand which makes it great for the everyday person to pick up and dive straight in.

It would be perfect for someone who enjoys QI, and I would definitely recommend it for anyone who’s wanting to dive in to an easy-to-read non-fiction scientific book!

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