The Perfect Girlfriend – Karen Hamilton Review

perfect girlfriend

Thank you to Net Galley and Wildfire publishing for providing me with an ARC copy! All opinions in this review are my own.

This was yet another brilliantly realistic psychological thriller! Again, because this is a thriller there’s not too much I can say about the plot without ruining it, so sorry! It follows Juliette who is sure that she is the perfect girlfriend and will stop at literally nothing to show that she is the perfect girlfriend and win back her ex-boyfriend no matter what the cost. The things she does at first are slightly creepy but very realistic and could actually happen if you put enough thought into it and that’s what makes this so creepy! As Juliette escalates in the things she does to prove that she’s so perfect they escalate again in creepy, realistic ways and that’s what makes this so great!

Again, one of the best things about this was that the story was told from the psychotic side and not the victims side. This gave us so much more insight into her reasonings behind her actions and it’s so fascinating to see what goes on behind the scenes. Juliette truly believes that she is in the right and is doing everything to prove that she’s the best girlfriend and the ex-boyfriend is just being temporarily blind to how great she is, and people are dragging him in the wrong direction and he’ll soon see how perfect she is. Using the Airline jobs as a pilot and air hostess really helped make this book come together and was a new and interesting setting for a book that worked so so well!

This another one of those books where you’re not really sure what to make of the main character; you feel sorry for Juliette at first, especially since the book starts with some of Juliette’s background and what happened to her brother. But to me she was obviously delusional and one of the things that got me the most, was that I was sort of rooting for Juliette to be back together with her ex, Nate despite all that she was doing and most of it, if she hadn’t taken it that one step too far, I could see a lot of people doing in normal everyday life which is crazy!

I figured out the twist literally a few pages before it was revealed and it was a well thought-out a rounded twist that made sense and wasn’t ridiculous which again, was great. It didn’t have a solid ending but in a way, it sort of made sense and I wasn’t mad at it!

Overall, this is a great thriller and I would definitely it! It’s being released on March 08th 2018 and you can find pre-order links below:

Amazon UK: Hardback / Kindle I Waterstones I Book depository

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