The Intern Serials – Brooke Cumberland Review

the internThis started off really strong for me but I just felt that the longer it went on, it just seemed to drag on. This starts off following Ceci who is 18-years-old and lost her father to an unsolved drive-by shooting when she was younger. Ceci uses her older sister’s university ID and degree to apply for an internship at a company that investigates murders so that she can get more details on her dad’s murder and hopefully solve it herself. Obviously at her internship, she meets her gorgeous boss, Bentley, and things go from there but she’s obviously entered the internship under lies and it’s only a matter of time until her lies are unraveled.

Like I said, this started off strong – I really enjoyed the mystery element behind this as well as the romance which was a nice surprise. It was interesting to be able to follow along with Ceci and her investigation to what had happened to her dad however I have to say that the reveal was a bit disappointing. It just seemed really ridiculous and far-fetched, like really? That’s how and why he died?! I really thought that was one of the more disappointing part of the story but I did enjoy the build-up to the reveal.

The romance was very steamy and there was obvious chemistry between Ceci and Bentley. I did also feel like it had a slightly “A love letter to whiskey” vibe with the whole not being together for whatever reason except they do finally get together and lot sooner than in ‘A love letter to whiskey’, Yay! I also enjoyed how the secondary characters were maintained throughout the book and you also got to follow their stories along in the background.

However, I felt as it neared the end, especially in the “After the internship” novella, it just seemed to drag on – every plot device was used in order to try and pull the story along and it was just too much. Everything seemed to happen and constantly – Ceci and Bentley couldn’t just be enjoying life as it was for a few pages! Whereas the first 3 novellas didn’t feel like they dragged on and in fact the storyline seemed to just evolve organically and as you’d expect, which isn’t a bad thing! It just seemed to be a contrast and I was really enjoying the first two thirds of this series, I would have given it 4 stars, it was just the last part which made this a mediocre read for me!

The last third of the book was just so sex filled – it was as if the author couldn’t write any filler story and was just instead filling it with sex scenes which got very repetitive. Bentley’s attitude near the end of this series, he got so much more possessive and jealous which was another reason this went downhill for me.

This was a free kindle download on Amazon Kindle and as mentioned, I really enjoyed the first 3 volumes and I would have given this 4 stars had it not been for the “After the Internship” instalment so I would definitely say it’s worth the download if only for the first 3 novella’s in the series!

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