2018 Bookish and Blog Goals!

Hi Everyone!

2017 has gone so fast and I can’t believe it’s nearly 2018 already! I hope you’ve all had a good reading year and even if you didn’t manage to hit your reading goals then just be happy anyway! Even if you’ve read just one book this year, you read a book and that’s a great thing! 🙂

Here’s my post on my bookish and blog goals for 2018:

  • Goodreads Reading Challenge

Last year, I set my reading challenge to 50 and hit that a little over half the way into the year so I increased it to 75 which then hit in September. Overall this year, I managed to read 106 books which I’m pretty impressed with and for my 2018 reading goal, I’ll be setting it to 100 books. This should be achievable since I surpassed it this year and that included a house move and 2017 was the year I really started to get back into reading,

  • Finish 10 series

I finally made a list of all the series that I’ve either started and not finished or got the books on my shelf to read and just haven’t picked them up. It came to 32 series so I feel like finishing 10 of them is doable! Especially since for 7 series, I have all the books waiting on my shelves and another 5 series only need one more book for me to own the whole series.

  • Read more LGBTQIA Romance

I managed to read my first M/M Romance book in 2017 and I really enjoyed it so in order to read more diversely in 2018, I want to read more LGBTQIA. If I can read at least 2 then I’ll be happy as it will be one more than this year and I don’t want to set myself a target that is too high so I feel too pressured. If anyone has LGBTQIA New Adult Romance recommendations then they would be much appreciated!

  • Finally sort out my bookshelves

I moved house this year (yay!) and we threw away all our old shelves during the move because they were old and the wrong colour and then got part way through rebuying them and we just had other things to buy and sort out so it never got done 😦 Most of my books are currently stacked on the floor and so in 2018 I would love to finally get all my shelves sorted out.

  • No current blog goals!

I’ve decided not to set myself any goals for my blog – it’s a hobby and as long as I can consistently manage to post reviews and content then I’ll be happy!

I would obviously love it if my follower count increased however that’s not the main reason that I started my blog and so I don’t want that to be a focus point!

  • ARC Requesting and Reviewing

As with this year I’m going to try and limit my ARC requesting and reviewing for books that I really want to read – I have a large amount of books that I want to read for pleasure and I don’t want to let ARC reviewing get in the way of my pleasure reading so I don’t get burned out!

And that’s it for my goals / resolutions! I don’t want to give myself  too many goals to reach as I don’t want to feel pressuredwith my reading and I want it to stay as fun as possible. Let me know if you’ve set yourself any goals for 2018 and I hope you have a Happy New Year!

Sign off


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