Necropolis – Guy Portman Review

NecropolisThis book was such an interesting and different read and I loved it. I went into this thinking it would be like the usual crime/thriller/mystery novel just from the perspective of the perpetrator and that it would be filled with lots of murder but I was wrong and I’m happy I was. The book is so much better than that; it takes a while for the book to get going and for a plot to become clear but the build up to this plot wasn’t boring or dragged. It was funny, laugh-out-loud funny but was so dark at the same time. I’ve not read anything like this at and it was a different yet interesting read.

Dyson loathes human company and, to be honest, just humans in general and his interactions with his fellow colleagues, neighbours, everyday people are just hilarious and also resonate with how I feel about certain people sometimes – it’s realistic, obviously to a certain extent as it’s obvious that Dyson is an extremely intellectual sociopath and is so smooth. We don’ actually get told how good looking he is but his personality and actions all show us that he’s clearly a charming and good looking character. The way Guy describes the characters in this book is nothing short of fantastic, you don’t get long descriptive paragraphs instead you get an overall picture of characters through Dyson’s interactions with them as well as this descriptors and it makes for such a better picture of the characters.

Dyson deals with his colleagues as the Cemeteries and Burials department, his ‘relationship’ with his neighbour Eva and her troublesome, low-life drug dealer and finding out if one of his cemetery workers is actually a war criminal in hiding. I actually found myself wanting Dyson to succeed and hoping he didn’t get caught so he could carry on which was interesting for me! The plot and story is life-like and realistic as compared with our country now with the different social classes and how they talk and the job interactions and that was one of the bits I loved as well. I’m that this story could be relatable in a lot of different was for people with the obvious exception of Dysons personality.

I originally gave this 4 stars mainly because I felt the writing style was different to what I usually read and I found it difficult to get into at first but it’s been around a week since I finished it and I can’t stop thinking about the book and that to me is the sign of a great book hence the upgraded star rating. I can’t get it out of my head and I would honestly pick it up and re-read it now if I didn’t have the sequel to read now!

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