Sepultura – Guy Portman Review

Sepultura - 5 star

I did receive this as an advanced digital copy from the Author however all opinions are honest and my own. I did purchase book number one, Necropolis from Amazon and my 5-star review for this can be found here.

I know that this book isn’t even released yet but I already need the sequel! This was yet another fantastic book and it was great to follow along with more of Dyson’s life and see what happened following his departure from Newton Council and his police encounters due to the missing people surrounding him starting to pile up!

In Sepultura, we follow Dyson and his new role as the head of Burials and Cemetries in Paleham Council. He’s now a father and has his son Horatio, which made for very funny interactions as he tried to teach him Latin at the age of three and complained about his table manners. We get to see him utilise his Italian skills as a translator for the council and their Twin-Town scheme with the Italian town, Rovito and we also watch how he deals with the unsightly and downright annoying humans who try to get in his way and make his life harder.

Just like with Necropolis, this was filled with the dark humour that we’ve come to love and Dyson trying to make his way through meeting and communicating with new humans and fantastic ways of describing them and how much they irritate and annoy him. His nicknames were yet again, on point, and I love that I don’t even know the real names of the some of the more prominent side characters, just their nicknames and how Dyson knows them. I think it makes it so much easier to remember certain characters and let’s be honest, it’s realistic – especially for someone like Dyson who doesn’t have the time or even care to learn people’s name.

I really enjoyed the ending to this too; I don’t want to spoil it but I’m really interested to see where it goes and how Dyson is going to get himself out of this as being charming can only get you so far! It also seemed like the most logical ending and I’m glad that Guy took it down that route as any other route would have seemed force or vastly unrealistic and one of the things I love about Necropolis and Sepultura is the realism and relatability to Dyson’s everyday life and surroundings, special living in the UK myself.

I really would recommend picking this up if you’ve read Necropolis, it’s the perfect sequel and has only cemented how much I love hearing about Dyson and his activities despite how much I probably shouldn’t. If you haven’t picked Necropolis up yet then I really urge you to do so, so that you can come and pick this up! You can pre-order this at Amazon UK and is due to be released on January 11th 2018.

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