The Woman in the Window – A.J.Finn Review

Woman in the window - 3 starsFirst of all, I just want to state that I received this from Harper Collins UK as I was a winner of a giveaway for this book on goodreads. This does not affect my views or opinions on this book.

I went into this with such high expectations – I’d seen it all over goodreads, twitter and instagram and everyone seemed to be raving about it and saying how great this was so I was expecting something good. And I was disappointed; the book wasn’t bad at all it just wasn’t the amazing thriller I’d thought it was going to be and definitely didn’t live up to the hype.

Anna is an unreliable narrator which work really well in thrillers generally; she’s an alcoholic, has agoraphobia and hasn’t left her house in months and she’s also on a concoction of different medications which she also unreliably takes. She an active member of an agoraphobia forum online and plays online chess & watches black and white movies to help pass her time in the house. We hear a lot about Anna’s family after her speration from her Husband and her daughter, who also lives her husband although Anna hopes this will change once she gets better. Anna likes to spend her days ‘spying’ on her neighbours and watching the comings and goings until one day, she witnesses something shocking in the house across the park which leads to everything being questioned – Anna’s pills and alcoholism, her family and also whether if what she saw even happened or not

The chapters for this were short which I really enjoyed and I think definitely helped the book keep it pace, however I feel like this was needed. I really struggled to keep interested for the first third of the book as not much happens and it just didn’t grip me at all. It did get better as more things started to happen and the plot twists were introduced which obviously had you guessing at what was going to happen next. I didn’t guess a lot of what was going to happen although I’m newer to reading thrillers and I’ve seen a lot of reviewers who read a large amount of thrillers say that they could guess what was coming.

I don’t want to spoil it but I think the final plot twist was just a bit ridiculous. I just felt that the end twist could have had so much done to stop it earlier on in the story that it was just far fetched. Especially knowing the background for the twist; I mean if things were that bad, then surely you’d make more of an effort to ensure it doesn’t happen again and not let it get as far? I did end up feeling for Anna by the end, as it is obvious that she;s had a hard time and actually spends a lot of time doubting herself throughout the book as she can’t remember what she’s said or if she even did something.

Overall, this wasn’t a bad book and will probably be a really enjoyable read for someone who likes to pick the odd thriller every now and again. I think I went into this with my expectations set way too high and obviously found it just didn’t live up to them. You can pre-order this from Amazon UK, Waterstones and Book Depositry and it’s set to be published on the 25th January 2018.

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