Ragdoll – Daniel Cole Review


I appear to have read some cracking books near the end of 2017 and this was one of them; I’m just annoyed that I didn’t pick this up sooner as I’ve had it on my shelf for a couple of months and have just been putting it off!

I mentioned this as a plus in my review for Vanishing Girls by Lisa Regan but I love how we got the full backstory on Detective William Fawkes, AKA Wolf and what happened with Naguib Khaled which left his suspended. I really dislike it when you go into a crime fiction story and there are all sorts of hints to the detective’s sordid past where they’ve been disgraced but drag out finding out what actually happened through the length of the plot or maybe not even telling us at all so I loved that they gave us a prologue at the start to tell us exactly what happened to Wolf and why – it made the actual plot run so much smoother because there weren’t copious amounts of flashbacks throughout the novel.

The characters were fantastic and the writing really brought them to life. The story flips effortlessly between different people’s POV, but does so that there is no need for headers announcing which characters you’re currently following and I didn’t get confused as to who we were following or who’s POV we were seeing at any point. It really pulled the story together getting to hear from several different people’s POV in the case; obviously the main one was Wolf as he had a large involvement in the case due to personal connections to the case but we also followed his ex-wife Andrea and got to see the dynamics of their relationship and how she handled her involvement in the murders and the subsequent investigation. We have Baxter, Wolf’s partner and who knows what else and we get to see her and her new ‘intern’, Edwards who is a transfer from Fraud and is trying to pick up the ropes of being a detective and also dealing with his personal life. And in general, it was great to see some of the other side characters who are important in certain ways to the main story but aren’t really important if that makes sense?

The story itself was also very unique and intriguing – I mean6 different body parts from 6 different people sewn together to create one whole corpse! Wow and what the hell! I really liked that they struggled to identify the body parts; I feel like I say this a lot on my blog but I feel like it was a lot more realistic and representative of an actual investigation, especially since this is 6 different bodies and body parts which aren’t exactly easy to identify. I liked the links back to Wolf’s past and as mentioned above, the main part of that is linked back to the prologue and there are also a few chapters dedicated to Wolf’s time spent in St Anne’s hospital.

The book itself was fast paced and kept me hooked from the start which is always a plus and I didn’t find myself getting bored throughout. There were a lot of twists and turns but I enjoyed them and felt that’s what kept the pace going and they weren’t over exaggerated or ridiculous.

Overall I thought that this was great read and I can’t wait for the sequel to come out so I can find out what happens next with Wolf!

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4 thoughts on “Ragdoll – Daniel Cole Review

  1. This sounds so promising, can’t wait to pick it up! Especially after this amazing review by you 😀 Not only does the concept is interesting but the fast-pacing novels are usually right up my alley so this one is going to my TBR soon.


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