Liars – Frances Vick Review

LiarsThank you to Net Galley and Bookouture for providing me with an e-ARC copy! All opinions in this review are my own and are honest.

I originally rated this 3 stars however I’ve decided to reduce my rating to 2 stars – this book put me into a sort of slump. I can normally read a physical book and a kindle book as the same time with no problems but this book just took it out of me and once I’d finished the physical book I was reading at the same time, I didn’t pick the next one up because this was just dragging and put me into a bit of a slump. I’ve yet to pick up another physical book and I’m lucky that my next kindle read is one of my anticipated reads of 2018 so I was obviously excited for that.

The more I thought about it also, I was annoyed with the ending. I liked the way it ended apart from the very end part which I thought was going to be a bit longer and ended up being a couple of pages and that was it. I just wish there was a bit more to finish the story off; I liked the actual way it ended and it made sense because you were questioning things that were happening all the way through and this end twist made you think, what really happened earlier on and what was made to look like it happened? But I think it would have been a lot better without that end chapter.

This started off really slow for me despite it beginning with the death of an elderly woman – I just wasn’t interested and I found myself disliking Jenny. I don’t mind unlikable characters but Jenny was just whiny and there was just something that made her seem so boring. Although, I didn’t find myself disliking David; yes he was obviously strange and he had issues but I didn’t dislike him as much as I disliked Jenny.

And then there’s the matter of the random flicking to the past that happens ~60% in. I understand it’s purpose and why it was included and yes, it answered a lot of questions but it just seemed like it could have been part of another story. Although it answered plenty of questions, like I said above, I just was bored reading it and as soon as it flicked back to the present, I became interested again in reading on and finding out what happened. I think I struggled in general with the writing of this story because as I said, it put me into a bit of slump and I struggled to get through it all

This was published on January 26th and can be found for 99p on Amazon UK! This does have some fantastic reviews from other reviewers and for 99p, you can always give it a go and you won’t have lost too much!

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