Twice in a Lifetime – PJ Trebelhorn Review

Twice in a lifetimeThank you to Net Galley and Boldstroke Books for providing me with an e-ARC copy! All opinions in this review are my own and are honest.

The main reason I requested this was because one of my goals for 2018 was to read more diverse romance books and this features a lesbian romance along with a good sounding plot! I didn’t realise that this was the second book in the Burke Sister’s series however the this can be read as a standalone as the first book is about Quinn and Grace’s relationship – Quinn is the Sister of Callie who is one of the main characters in this book.

This was an enjoyable read and I managed to absolutely fly through this in a day. The writing was basic which isn’t a bad thing, like I said I managed to fly through this but there wasn’t anything that made the writing special or rememberable. It was just a nice, easy read and sometimes that’s exactly what is needed so that isn’t a bad thing.

This follows Callie who is a police officer and had recently moved back after her relationship with her ex, Jan didn’t work out and Taylor who lost her partner Andrea (who was a firefighter) a few years ago after she ran into a burning building to save a child. Andrea was also Callie’s best friend and Taylor own’s and manage the bar that Callie’s sister Quinn works at so there is a large amount of cross-over between them all. Callie has always liked Taylor and this story follows them trying to figure out their relationship and if there is a chance for one between them.

This deals with the grief of moving on after your partner died and I think it was dealt with really well. It also deals with moving on with your best friend’s partner as Andrea and Callie were best friends and Callie has always liked Taylor, even when Andrea was alive, so we got to see a lot of guilt which is linked to the death of Andrea for both parties in the relationship. Because Andrea was a firefighter and died through her job, Taylor is reluctant to start a relationship with Callie due to her high-risk job as she doesn’t think that she’ll be able to take it if another one of her partners dies through their job and not knowing if they’re going to be coming home when they’re going to work. This is only strengthened when Callie is shot on the job and we get to follow Taylor’s struggles with trying to overcome this fear of losing another partner through their job.

We also get the added twist of the lesbian stalker who continually visits Taylor at her bar and won’t leave her alone. I liked this aspect of the plot, it added an extra dimension to the plot and helped pull along some of the romantic plot also. I was weary right until the end and I did enjoy the way that this was concluded and the way it escalated was interesting.

I really enjoyed this and would definitely recommend this if you’re looking for a nice, easy quick read to fly through which involves a lesbian romance. It was a great introduction into f/f romance as I’ve never read any f/f and I have another book which I requested and this has made me super excited to get round to reading that!

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