The Girl in 6E – A.R.Torre Review

Girl in 6E

After all the hype on goodreads and youtube, I knew that I’d have to give the Deanna Madden series a go – especially considering it’s a thriller and an erotic novel both of which I love to read. Deanna is the main character who works as a cam girl making thousands each month and keeps herself locked inside her apartment. This is because she has serious killing issues – as in she hates everyone and given any excuse would anyone. This book was told from multiple POV’s and we also get snippets of Deanna’s past as we found out about what may have made her the way she was.

The cam girl part of this was so well thought out and obviously very well researched. I went into this knowing a little bit already about cam girls, but this went into to so much detail that it didn’t matter if you knew a lot or a little because it was a very informative without sounding at all like a fact book. It’s through her work that she finds out about a possible abduction that has occurred by one of her online clients and she decides that needs to go and save the little girl who has been abducted, despite the risk she is putting herself and obviously everyone who meets her.

I thought this was a good read, but I just really couldn’t get behind the whole ‘blood lust’, ‘I-must-kill-everyone’ mindset. I just wanted maybe more of a reason for her to have these feelings or for them to be realistic. I also didn’t understand Jeremy’s obsession with Deanna before they even meet – I mean he’s never met the girl, he’s only spoken to her through the door and he’s just fine with her bloodlust and that fact that she could kill him at any point?! It just made no sense to me, especially since Jeremy is described as a good looing man and he will obviously meet a lot people through his job and I’m sure he could easily get himself a girlfriend, yet he goes for Deanna? Ok then.

I did enjoy the overall plot of this book and is was very well written. I thought the idea of Deanna having to battle with herself on whether to risk it all and go and try and save the girl or to play it safe and stay inside and ignore the abduction. I can’t speak for how true all the hacking is and whether it could give all the information that Deanna finds out and uses in this book but it’s safe to say, that she was pretty reliant on it.

I did overall think it was a pretty good book and I’m going to be carrying on with the series as I’m looking forward to seeing where Deanna is taken next. This does contain a lot of erotic sexual scenes, just as a forewarning, so if that’s not something you’ll enjoy then I wouldn’t recommend picking this up.

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