Do Not Disturb – A.R.Torre Review

Do not disturbThis is book 2 in the Deanna Madden trilogy by A.R.Torre and you can find my review for book 1 here. This may contain spoilers for book 1 but I’ll try and put a little note before I include the spoilers and there will be no spoilers for this book 😊

I loved this so much more than the first book; one of my main issues was that she went on and on about her bloodlust and I couldn’t get behind it and struggled with understanding why she had this bloodlust that she couldn’t control. There was none of that in this book which makes sense as book 1 was obviously the introduction to Deanna and her issues. Of course, her blood lust and need to kill everyone was mentioned but no-where near as much which made this book so much more enjoyable.

Again, this was told from multiple POV just like the first book, and I really enjoyed it. I found it was easy to distinguish between whose POV was being told and I loved hearing from the ‘bad guy’ perspective and getting to hear his reasoning behind everything he was doing. I also loved that we got to find out more about Mike which I really enjoyed, and I didn’t expect the twist with him!

This next bit will contain possible spoilers from book 1!

I enjoyed seeing Jeremy and Deanna’s relationship progress and I like how Deanna could control her urges for the most part around him but did still struggle at times and still majorly struggled with her feelings and controlling her urges towards other people. Jeremy didn’t fix her which is something that I hate in relationships, so it was nice to see that Jeremy hadn’t miraculously cured her from all her issues. It was also nice to see Jeremy’s struggle with Deanna’s job; he struggled with jealously which was obviously to be expected in her job and what she does for a living and he was very eager to try and understand her job instead of trying to get her to quit.

It was also interesting to see Deanna evolving herself with her issues and changing up her routines as she progressed herself and due to her relationship with Jeremy. She starts to go out to the shop across the road, let’s Jeremy take her on dates out and then buys a car. Although they weren’t all great idea’s, she’s still trying to not just be an isolated recluse and it was nice to see managing to get out a bit more than she used to.

I really enjoyed the storyline in this book as well; I liked how a client managed to somehow find out where she was (supposedly) despite having her online personality and all the online protection and I really enjoyed how this plot worked out. I also enjoyed the role that Mike played in it all and how much of a significant part he was given in it all. And wow, that twist; I thought it was going to be like in the movies where everything works out well but it wasn’t and I love A.R.Torre for that!

I definitely enjoyed this a lot more than the first book and will 100% be picking up the final book in this trilogy! Again, this does contain a lot of erotic sexual scenes, just as a forewarning, so if that’s not something you’ll enjoy then I wouldn’t recommend picking this up.

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