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Hi Everyone!

I’ve had a lot of new followers to my blog since it started and I’ve never done a post about me and figured it was about time!Selfie Circle

My name is Alex, I’m 23 and I currently live in the UK in Yorkshire! I graduated from the Univeristy of Leeds in 2015 with a degree in Medical Biochemistry and I work for a large Medical Research Organisation {Shock-horror, it’s nothing to do with books or writing!}

I’ve always had a passion for reading and I didn’t have that one book that got me into it. My mum has always said that I just took to it and I’ve never looked back! I’ve always been surrunded by books as well, my parents made sure we had a well stocked book shelf downstairs and never tried to convince me to buy something else when I asked for books as my presents for my birthday or christmas, for which I’m very grateful. They’ve always been big readers too so they understand which has been fantastic – it also means that I’ve had some of their old books passed down to me which is ace 🙂

I am a massive animal lover and spent my years growing up with many dogs and cats and I’m currently the proud pet parent of 3 gorgeous cats. Slade {Left} and Selena {Middle} were both rescue kittens from the RSPCA and are brother and sister. Maddie {Right} is a rescue from the Cats Protection and as you can see only has one eye. We were told that she lost her other eye by someone shooting her with an air rifle 😦 As and you will also notice, all our cats are black. We got Slade and Selena because the RSPCA lady said they would be the least likely to be adopted due to their colour – they aren’t good for taing selfies with and people are still very superstitious about black cats. I was also told by Maddie’s rescuer that she had been overlooked for several reasons; her colour being one, only having one eye and also because she was older.  If you can, please consider adopting a rescue animal!

Cats for blog

I don’t realy know what else to say here! If you have any questions or things you want to know about me then feel free to comment and I hope you’ve enjoyed this post!

Sign off


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