The Upside to Being Single – Emma Hart Review

Upside to being single

** True rating is probably 2.5 stars **

I was really looking forward to this; I’ve only ever read one book by Emma Hart which was twisted bond and I absolutely loved it. I’ve been meaning to carry on that series and read more of Emma Harts books but just never got around to it so seeing all the hype in the Emma Hart Facebook group for this, I was so pumped to read it and I even posted the cover reveal. Unfortunately, this just feel so flat for me ☹

This had the obvious traits of a rom com; Mellie the leading lady in this story was so clumsy and ditzy and obviously makes a fool of herself wherever she goes, no matter where it is or what she’s doing. And that’s how this story begins, with Mellie flashing her boobs to some strangers for Mardi Gras beads and it turns out one of the strangers is actually her boss. But it just seemed like way too much and just over the top clumsiness. Everything she does turns into some clumsy mess of epic proportions and it just got incredibly annoying. The conversations she had with her friends were just so ridiculous and juvenile; maybe I’m just a really mature 23-year old, but I honestly couldn’t sit and have the conversations she was having with her friends. It was just plain annoying.

Jake really grated me up the wrong way. He bought the hotel that Mellie managed which was obviously going to be very awkward for Mellie after flashing him, but he didn’t really try to make it professional. I understand that Mellie had been the manager for a very long time and knew how the hotel ran so he obviously needed a lot of information from her so could improve the way he ran things but there was just something so strange about him. Mellie asked several times for their relationship to just be professional, yet he couldn’t let it slide and basically made him meet up with her or he’d start firing people from the hotel. Plus, he went over to her house before she was meant to start work to pick her up to take shopping for new office supplies without asking her first as he’d looked up her address on the staff system, wtf?!

This was a nice short and easy read and it was nice to read as something to help break up all the crime and thriller books I’ve been reading recently. I also really enjoyed the ghost walk part of the story; Emma had obviously done some research into LaLaurie Murder house and other ghostly haunt in New Orleans. In fact, the description of the murder house was probably one of my favourite parts of the novel haha. This is a slow romance and despite the fact that he sees her boobs at the start of the book, they don’t actually have sex right until the end and when they do it is quite short tbh so quite smut free if that’s what you like!

As said above, I’ve only read one other book of Emma Hart’s which I did love so I can’t speak to how this matches up with the rest of her books. If you want a really light and fluffy read, then this could be good to pick up 😊

This is also the first book in a series which can be read alone. The second book ‘The Hook-Up Experiment’ is being published March 13th and I’m going to be picking it up. This follows Peyton’s story who we meet in this book and then there’s The Dating Experiment which follows Chloe and is being published July 24th 2018.

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2 thoughts on “The Upside to Being Single – Emma Hart Review

  1. Wonderful review! I have the second book in the series to be reviewed, glad it can be read as a standalone and just by happenstance my daughters name is Peyton, it is always fun for me when I read a book with my kids names in it, because I never read any books with my own name in them! 😂

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