Gerald’s Game – Stephen King Review

Gerald's GameThis is the first Stephen King novel I’ve read in a very long time and I started with this as I also recently watched the Netflix Adaptation. I have to say that I did really enjoy the Netflix Adaptation of the book and I think it did a really great job of bringing the story to the screen, especially due to how this story is told.

This follows Jessie and her Husband Gerald who have been married for many years and decide to go away to their summer house to get away for a few days. They also decide to try to spice up their marriage and sex life by using hand cuffs and that’s where the nightmare begins. Of course, Jessie ends up being trapped to the bed in handcuffs and this follows what happens whilst she’s stuck.

This was an interesting read for me; it took me absolutely agesssss to read this book, 24 days to be precise which is a really long time for me to finish a book. I think the main issue I had with this was the writing style and I don’t think that the plot of this book helped with this at all. This is told just from Jessie’s POV and for like 95% of the book, she’s trapped to a bed, in a room all alone and the whole point of the plot is that we’re following her story as she figures out what the hell she is going to do to get out of her situation.

We’ve got different voices who help narrate this story, so we don’t just get Jessie, we get Goody and then the voice of her old friend Ruth. They have different personalities and serve to try and help her in different ways and I did like this addition, it did help break up the constant monologue of Jessie herself talking. The same goes for when we hear the POV of the stray dog that comes into the house every now and again and I thought it was a very unique perspective.

I did enjoy the plot of this; I think it’s something that everyone fears, getting stuck somewhere and not knowing if there’s going to be anyone who’s going to discover you or if you’re just going to end up dying there. I enjoyed the little twist with the man made of moonlight and how that wraps up. In fact, I absolutely loved his little backstory that Jessie puts in the letter and I thought it was just such a great twist.

If you like Horror and other Stephen King books then I’d definitely say pick this up but I would definitely warn that this book is written very differently which I did find made it harder to read although I did love the overall storyline. Also, as mentioned above, I did really love the Netflix Adaptation too, so I’d recommend watching that if you’ve read this!

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