Behind Closed Doors – B.A.Paris Review

behind closed doorsThis is the second B.A.Paris book that I’ve read and as with The Breakdown review, there’s not going to be much in terms of plot here because it’s a thriller and obviously too much plot will give it away!

This follows the couple Jack and Grace who look like the perfect couple to everyone looking in; beautiful house, Jack has a great job and they can want for nothing. But then you realise that Grace is never alone, and she can’t meet for coffee with Jack being there, if at all and just maybe, not everything is as it seems.

Although I gave this 5-stars and I did really love it as a thriller, I have to say that I still preferred the Breakdown to this! This was such an interesting concept and worked so well – it seemed like B.A.Paris had really thought about all the workings in this story and had all the bases covered. There were a few times that I thought, ‘ooo but what about this’ and then that question would be answered so it was so great that all my questions and loose ends got tidied up.

I enjoyed the family aspect that was brought into this book and how it was used to explain things and pull it all together. And wow, that ending. I loved that it was just that one little thing that helped the ending pull together and I finished this and was sat there saying ‘wtf’ for a good 5 minutes afterwards. I don’t really want to say anymore in case I spoil this for anyone!

I would definitely recommend picking this up if you’re a fan of thrillers and if you’ve read the Breakdown then you should definitely pick this up; it’s a great story and very wll written with a completely different plot!

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