Bring Me Back – B.A.Paris Review

Bring me backThis is the third and most recent book of B.A.Paris’ that I’ve read and yet again, there’s not going to be much in terms of plot here because it’s a thriller and obviously too much plot will give it away!

This follows Finn who went on holiday to France with his partner Layla; whilst driving back home, they stop at a service station where Finn goes to the toilet and when he comes back out, Layla has vanished. Years later, Finn is happy, and he has a new fiancé; it’s only when he comes home and finds his fiancé fingering something only Finn, Layla and Layla’s sister (and also Finns soon to be wife) Elllen, would know about. More and more things happen, and more questions are raised about Layla’s disappearance and what actually happened.

I did originally rate this 5-stars I decided to change it to 4-stars because I just didn’t enjoy it as much looking back, as it wasn’t as gripping compared to her other 2 novels. I did remember what happened in the plot which is generally a good sign that I did like a book, but it simply wasn’t as gripping, and I just didn’t enjoy it as much. This surprised me a lot as I’ve seen a lot of people say that they liked Bring Me Back the most out of the 3 novels that B.A.Paris has written. I struggled to get through the start of this a lot more than her other 2 books. Now, I have found that with B.A Paris books I tend not to feel gripped for the first third or so and it does tend to take a while for me to get stuck in, but this just seemed to take a lot longer and I don’t think I ever felt fully invested in the novel or fully gripped.

This is going to be yet another frustrating review as I really can’t say much without ruining the plot, but I just found this book more infuriating and whilst I thought that the twist was clever, I just found it so difficult to believe. Like really, would you really not notice that?! I have to admit that I didn’t see the plot twist coming and I really liked that the whole back story of the twist was explained as it gave us a proper idea of what had happened. This story also included bits from Finn’s past such as how he met Layla and his back story with his friend Harry which I really appreciated.

I’d still recommend picking this up, it is an intriguing thriller and does have B.A.Paris’ good writing. It was a quick, easy and enjoyable read but I just didn’t enjoy it as much as her other books! Although I do feel that she did set herself a pretty high bar to begin with!

You can pick Bring Me Back up now on Amazon UK in paperback and kindle!

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