Losing Leah – Sue Welfare Review

Losing leah.jpgThank you to Net Galley and Mirror Books for providing me with an e-ARC copy! All opinions in this review are my own and are honest.

This is yet another psychological thriller, which follows Leah and her husband Chris. Leah disappears without a trace when they stop at a service station on their way to their Welsh holiday home and this story follows all the events that happen from this disappearance.

Whilst this was a gripping and quick read; I was able to fly through it, I did feel that the writing style did let this down a lot. This apparently follows Sergeant Mel Daley as she tries to unravel the mystery that is Leah disappearing. However, when I picked this up, I had no idea who it was we were following, and I had to read the blurb to figure out who we were following in this story. It was strange because we had little back story about her and I struggled to realise who was telling the story, yet we did see a large section of her private life involving a risqué relationship in the book which just stumped me. I would have loved a better introduction to Mel and to find out more about her as she was the main narrator in this story.

This did feature a lot of police procedure in it which I loved however, a lot of it felt like we were being told things out of a manual on how to be a police officer and what to do in certain situations. It just really struggled in its story-telling capabilities for some of the book which did make it very flat and difficult to connect with the story and also the characters. However, seeing the police procedures in a lot of detail was very, very interesting and this could have been a really interesting 4-star read if the writing was slightly different.

I did enjoy the plot of the book and I did find myself wondering how on earth does a grown woman just completely vanish without a trace?! I did have an idea of what had happened, but I definitely didn’t see the plot twist coming and I did enjoy that part of the book. There was a bit at the very end which seemed like it was chucked in there just to make the book darker and didn’t really make much sense or could have done with more explanation. But overall, it was an interesting plot and I loved how in depth it went with all the investigation into her disappearance and Leah and Chris’s lives.

This was an ok read but wasn’t perfect. I have seen a lot of other bloggers really enjoy this so maybe go and check out their reviews on goodreads to see if this is something that you want to pick up!

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