Exhibit Alexandra – Natasha Bell Review

Exhibit Alexandra

Thank you to Net Galley and Penguin Randomhouse UK for providing me with an e-ARC copy! All opinions in this review are my own and are honest.

Wow this was such a unique read! When I first started reading this, I was so confused. I’ve been pretty behind on my NetGalley reading so I’ve been going into a lot of my e-ARC’s without re-reading the blurbs and just going in blind which is what I did here. I did have to go back and read the blurb and I do have to point out here that this is told from Alexandra’s POV and she’s also the character which has gone missing.

As said above, this was such a unique read; all we know going into this is that Alex is missing and is being held in a room against her will. We follow the story of her husband (Marc) and her kids as they struggle to live life with her gone and as her husband starts discovering that maybe he didn’t know his wife as well as he thought as he deals with trying to figure where she’s gone and why. He’s adamant that she’s been taken and wouldn’t just leave but he struggles to convince the police of this and just keeps digging and digging. Obviously, this is all just conjecture as it’s being told from Alex’s POV who, as mentioned, is being held in a room so she actually really has no idea of what’s going on with her husband and kids.  We get reminders every now and then where her captor asks her questions about her life and shows her police appeals on her disappearance which I thought were great. It was so easy to just forget that Alex was telling this story, so these little conversations were so useful to remind you.

I really enjoyed the plot and twist of the book and although I never really had much interest in art, this made it so interesting to read about and showed me a completely different side that I never really considered. Especially when you learn that most of the work that is featured in the book is actually based on real life works. The way this is told is meant to deceive you and I loved that, I started to work out what happened maybe half way through the book but because of how the story is told, you do second guess yourself and I loved that.

I really enjoyed that this wasn’t just the story of Marc of trying to find Alex and included quite a lot of a police procedural which I do really enjoy. It was nice that it wasn’t told from the police side either and we got to see it all from ‘Marcs’ POV as he has to deal with the police questioning his every move on the day of Alex’s disappearance, dealing with them digging into all their personal life and also the intricacies of putting together a missing person appeal.

I 100% would recommend picking this up; it’s a very unique read that I loved and just found that I couldn’t put it down. And like I said, I had no interest in Art but this made me so intrigued and presented in such a different way but not in a way that shoved it down your throat made you enjoy it. It’s a very interesting spin on a psychological thriller mixed with some police procedural and I highly recommend picking this up!

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