The After Wife – Cass Hunter Review

The after wife

Wow this was such a great read. I would like to say thank you to Sam Eades at Trapeze books for sending me this book!

I feel like I have to point out that I did lose my father at the beginning of this year and I definitely felt that I maybe, interacted and related to this better in a more personal way because of this. You don’t need to have lost someone to enjoy this story, I just felt like I connected to parts of the story a lot more because of this.

I loved the sound of the story as soon as I read the blurb; this follows Rachel, who is a scientist in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics who unfortunately passes away. This leaves her husband. Aiden and her daughter, to pick up the pieces and carry on without her. And things get even more interesting when they find out that Rachel left them a gift, called iRachel.

This was such a well crafted book and dealt so well with so, so many issues including death and family issues and we even get some teenage issues courtesy of Chloe. We get to see the story progress from point of view of Chloe and also iRachel herself as well Aiden’s which I really enjoyed as it helped bring the story together. I loved how the humour was included also; it was ‘tastefully’ done and didn’t feel forced at all. One of my favourite parts in the book had to be when they’re holding the wake at the family home – it was so relatable and yet humorous and upsetting all at the same time and was fantastically done.

I felt something for Aiden and Chloe and they were definitely likeable characters. I also loved iRachel (which I presume is one of the points of this book!) and the way that the character was built in the book was fantastic. I thought that iRachel might just blend into the background or I’d really dislike but she was great for the part she played in the plot. Although Luke was annoying and an obvious dislikable character, I though his inclusion within the plot was great and I’m sure is someone that a lot of people in a couple could relate to.

You can pick this up at Amazon UK in paperback and eBook and I highly recommend this. It’s such a fun yet deep contemporary and I would highly recommend you pick it up!

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