Our House – Louise Candlish Review

Our HouseThank you to NetGalley UK and Simon & Schuster UK for providing me with a digital ARC. As always, all reviews are my own and are completely honest.

This has to be the first book that I reached the end of and couldn’t believe it was the end. I literally got to the end of this ARC and couldn’t believe that was it! So, this book follows Fiona as she turns up to her house after being away on a romantic weekend away, only to find moving vans outside the house and a new couple moving all their belongings in to her home. She then tries calling her ex-husband, Bram, only to find that he has also disappeared.

We get the POV of both Bram and Fiona as they tell their stories. We get Fiona (Fi) telling her side of the story for a podcast called the victim and also from when she first turns up to her house to find the other couple who now own the house moving in. We also see Bram’s POV in the style of a letter as he gives us the story of what has happened. I enjoyed seeing both sides of the story; the podcast idea was very creative, and we even get tweet response at the end of the podcast chapters.

I think one of the things that really made this book was how realistic it all was; we got to see every in and out of Bram and Fi’s lives. I really feel like it pulled all the plot together as we weren’t missing any major plot points and it also made it seem to much more realistic. The scary thing about the plot of this book was how easily it all happened and how easily it could happen to me or even to you. The whole plot itself wasn’t exactly a thriller; I didn’t feel on edge and didn’t feel like there was anything sinister however I was invested in the story and it did keep me hooked. As mentioned above, it was also a realistic plot which I think is one of the things that made it so creepy and gripping.

The author did a great job with the characters; I really felt like we knew Fi and Bram really well. I actually felt quite sorry for Bram; he managed to get him himself into a situation (although I must say that I don’t have any sympathy to how he got himself into said situation) which he couldn’t control and unfortunately just went downhill. And Fi was quite relatable too; she just wants what is best for her and her sons and I honestly thought that from the plot of this story she might have been a slightly gullible and mousy woman to have her house sold from under her nose but she seems quite the opposite and it was very interesting to watch events unfold under her nose and she had no idea what was going on.

There were a few plot twists which had me like, what the hell?! And wow they were so well placed. There wasn’t any fanfare which went with the twists which I actually really loved; there was one twist where I read the sentence that said the twist and carried on reading and then had to go back and double-read what it had said because I was like WHAT? The twists weren’t over exaggerated or ridiculous either, yet they still packed a punch.

I absolutely loved this – it’s a very twisty and gripping read and also very believable which definitely gives it an edge. You start second guessing everything in your life and start panicking that this could happen to you too which is definitely a good sign for a mystery and thriller book. I 100 % recommend picking this up as its such an intriguing read! You can find this on Amazon UK in Hardback and eBook!

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