Too Close to Breathe – Olivia Kiernan Review

Too Close To BreatheThank you to Net Galley and HQ Books for providing me with an e-ARC copy! All opinions in this review are my own and are honest

This did have a rocky start; it seemed like this book was the second book in a series as it kept referencing what had happened to DS Sheehan (or Frankie) previously as if we should know what had happened. I understand that in a lot of crime and police procedural novels, the main character has generally been through something traumatic or to do with a suspect in the in the past and it is hinted at but I felt like this book did it more than usual, and seemed to place a large emphasis on it which left me feeling like I was missing something to begin with. However, this was only for the first 20% or so and by the end of the book, all has been revealed and we find out all about Frankie’s past in full detail.

This was a very twisty book and I figured who the killer was very very near the end so kudos for not giving too much away through the story! I liked how the different characters in the story were built; they weren’t simply mentioned in passing and that was all they got. All the suspects and people involved in the murders and investigation just felt fleshed out really well and I think it really helped add to the story. I especially liked how some of people involved in the investigation were people than Frankie knew from her hometown and had a personal interest in, it made things even more exciting as she has to try and navigate her personal feelings with professional feeling in order to make sure the investigation progresses.

The investigation process was so well explained, and I really felt like you could follow along with the process. I loved how we got to see the thought process behind discovering that Eleanor Costello’s hanging was a murder, the dark web references and piecing everything together to finally figure out who did it. I loved all the references to not having the money to complete certain parts of the investigation made by her superior, it just seemed so realistic. Normal police forces don’t get to spend thousands and thousands of pounds on cases constantly unless they have a specific reason and authorisation and it was great that it was mentioned here.

I would definitely recommend picking this up if you like crime thrillers! As mentioned above it does start off a bit slow and confusing but stick with it and it will get so much better! This is also set in Dublin so if you’re looking for a crime novel that isn’t set in London or another major UK city then this is the book for you! You can get this now from Amazon UK in paperback and eBook!

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