Good Me Bad Me – Ali Land Review

Good Me Bad MeThis follows Millie, a 15-year-old girl who is currently living with a foster family as she prepares to testify at her mother’s trial. See, her mother is a serial killer who has killed nine children and Millie has to testify at her trial about everything she’s done. We get to follow Millie on the lead up to her mother’s trial whilst she navigates living with her mother’s voice in her head and also coping with starting at a new school and living with her new foster family.

I’d been hearing such great things about this book and it’s one that has been on my tbr shelf for a while now I’ve just struggled to get around to it. But I’m really glad that I finally manage to pick it up, especially since I feel like it definitely lived up to the hype for me!

I definitely wouldn’t call it a thriller in the traditional sense, but I was definitely hooked, and it had a creepy and slightly sinister theme running throughout. Most of the book was following Millie in the run up to the trial and followed her new life and how she was adjusting which I really enjoyed following. Millie is still living with her mother’s voice inside her head and it was great to see Millie’s internal struggle with this voice in her head. It was also great to see her internal struggle with still being in love with her mother and wanting to see her mother despite all the things she’s done. I could 100% see where she was coming from; despite all the bad things that Millie’s mother did, she was still a mother and although she may not have been the best mother, she is still Millie’s mother and she gave birth to Millie and cared for Millie despite all this. It was a really great internal monologue to hear her struggles with this issue and I loved seeing this play out.

I enjoyed the way the story was told, and it felt like we were inside Millie’s mind and listening to her thoughts which really added to the plot. I wouldn’t say there was a large plot twist, instead just a few minor plot twists and they were a little bit predictable, but I found that it didn’t really detract from how much I enjoyed reading about Millie. I was invested in her story and I wanted to know what was going to happen; I wanted to know if she was going to stay with her foster family, what was going to happen at her mother trial, how she was going to cope with the bullying that she is facing at school and just how she was coping in general. I was genuinely invested in Millie and her life and that’s what made me enjoy this so much.

I would definitely recommend picking this up and giving it a go if you’re into Thriller or Crime books and I definitely thought that it lived up to the hype for me! I can’t wait to see what Ali Land brings out next and I’ll definitely be picking it up! Oh, and another plus, the paperback cover for this is really gorgeous! You can find this on Amazon UK and Book Depository!

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