The One – John Marrs Review

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Wow this book was fantastic! I’d heard such great things about this book and also John Marrs as an author and I’ve had this book sat on my shelves for what feels likes forever – I just wish I’d reached for it sooner!

This book is really a collection of 5 different stories which follow 5 different characters and we get to see their individual journeys that they go on. All their stories are centred around the website and theory – this is where scientists have discovered that people have a gene that they share with one other person somewhere in the world and this is, supposedly, their soulmate.

I didn’t think that I’d love all the stories as much as I did, and I thought there would be one that I was a bit meh about, but I was so wrong! I found myself hanging on to every story here. I obviously didn’t enjoy all the stories the same; I think I enjoyed Ellie’s story the most and I definitely grew to love Mandy’s story the more that it went on. Nick’s story was also one that I liked the start of; him and his partner are together and are planning on getting married and having kids, but they haven’t taken the test. They believe that they’re in love and don’t need the test to prove it. But obviously the thought that you might not be matched, and you’re supposed, actual partner could be out there in the world somehow.

I loved how we got the several different stories and different perspectives. It was so different to get see the different outcomes and possibilities that come with the test. I actually wish we could get a second book with even more possibilities of stories! The actual main plot point of the book would lend for so many different stories and perspectives that I don’t think I could bore of. You go through such a range of emotions whilst reading these stories; they’re love stories but also suspense and it’s so interesting seeing where it was all going to play out. You get annoyed because things aren’t going the way you actually want, and you want certain things to play out, you feel sorry for the characters and their situations, there’s shock and suspense and even disbelief at what happening. We even get a story involving a serial killer and also a heterosexual male who gets DNA matched with another male despite him thinking that he wasn’t homosexual in the slightest.

I would definitely recommend picking this up; it’s such a great plot concept and is very well executed. The chapters are short and snappy yet long enough to give each character a decent chunk of their story to keep things moving. Plus I even think that if you didn’t like a certain character’s story, you could just skip reading it. The chapters are labelled with the characters names and they are in 5 chapter chunks (1 chapter for each character before starting again) You can pick this up on Amazon UK in paperback and also on kindle! I can’t wait to pick up John Marrs’ other works!

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