Never Let You Go – Chevy Stevens Review

never let you goYet another book that I’ve been meaning to pick up because of all the hype and fantastic reviews I’ve been hearing! This is a domestic thriller that follows the story of Lindsey, her daughter Sophie and her husband Andrew who we find out is now in prison. This story begins being told both in the present with Lindsey and Sophie who are dealing with hearing about the release of Andrew from prison. They’ve created a new life whilst he has been away and when strange things start happening to them, they start to question whether they’ll be able to live a life free from Andrews grip. We also get chapters which are told in the past tense which follow the start of Lindsey and Andrews relationship and the ultimate downfall of it all.

I enjoyed that we got to see the past told as point of view instead of being told as part of the present story; it really allowed for a full backstory of what happened previously in Lindsey and Andrews marriage and how it all ultimately led to Andrews arrest. The chapters were clearly labelled for which was past and present so there wasn’t any confusion over which tense we were reading.

This was yet another ‘thriller’ that I felt just lacked the creepy factor. There were twists and turns but they just didn’t pack a punch and I just didn’t feel like they creeped me out or had that much ‘wow, that’s freaky’ factor. I didn’t see all the twists coming, but I still wasn’t all that shocked or surprised by them when they actually happened. It was obvious throughout the story that there was something else that happened on the fateful night that Andrew was arrested so it really wasn’t a big surprise when the twist was revealed, and it was quite obvious {to me at least} what the big twist was.

The characters were all well developed, and we get to see a lot of both Lindsey and Sophie’s lives which was nice. I felt like we were being steered in a certain direction in the plot to believe that it was one person who doing the stalking, but I thought that it was way too obvious. I didn’t see the plot twist coming but I still felt underwhelmed by it and if I’m being honest, I felt underwhelmed by the whole book. I think this may have been because I went into this with high hopes after hearing all the fantastic reviews and it just didn’t live up to the hype that I created around this.

I have seen so many fantastic and glowing reviews for this on Amazon and Goodreads so if you’re not sure if you’ll like this book then it might be worth having a read of those other reviews!

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