Everything About You – Heather Child Review

everything about you

Thank You to Little Brown Bookgroup and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book. As always, all opinions are honest and my own.

This was such an intriguing book; both a blend of science fiction futuristic technology with a mystery. We follow Freya, who’s foster sister Ruby vanished many years ago and was never found. She’s currently living with her ex-boyfriend whilst working at store pretty like Ikea. She ends-up getting to try a new virtual assistant that forms a character and [personality based off information taken from the database for that person and can also supply you with knowledge and tailor adverts based off what you like based on your stored information. Creepy yet slightly cool!

Unfortunately, Freya’s virtual assistant starts taking on the personality of her missing sister and Freya starts to think that maybe there’s more to the assistant’s personality than just taking old, stored information from the cloud and that it could possibly be taking new information from Ruby’s current life as she could still be alive just unwilling to be found.

I loved the whole concept of the science fiction part of this book; it was very well done, and I can actually see our present-day world heading in that direct especially since we already receive tailored online adverts! The world building of this world really was brilliant, and I actually want to see more stories that are set in this world! I liked the idea of the whole virtual reality gaming and the suit that allows you to feel the world you’re in and I loved that there was the ‘technology free’ part where you could go and it was like stepping back in time.

The mystery element of this novel was well interwoven with the science fiction element of the novel. I would have liked to maybe see a bit more, but I think that’s only because Crime and Thriller novels are my favourite! There were twists through the book which kept you guessing and! I also enjoyed the outcome of the mystery and I didn’t see it coming.

I really enjoyed this and like I said, I’d love to see more stories that are set in this world and also more stories in this mystery/science fiction genre! I did feel like there was a little something missing which is why it’s jus 4-Stars, but I can’t quite put my finger on what it was that was missing.

You can pick this up on Amazon UK in Hardback and Kindle!

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