Engagement Rate – Annie Dyer Review

Engagement RateThank you to the author for providing me with a review copy of this book; as always, reviews are my own and honest.

I jumped at the chance to receive an ARC for engagement rate when Annie contacted me. I’ve really been neglecting my romance and new adult reads this year because I’ve been on such a thriller and mystery binging spree but I’m so glad that I chose to read this! This follows Vanessa who runs her own marketing company, unfortunately with her ex, and who is also going through a messy divorce. She’s currently working to rebrand Callaghan Green whilst also trying to not end up in Jackson Callaghan’s bed! Jackson Callaghan is a hard worker and is currently trying to run the London Branch of his Father’s Law Firm. He thought he was more than happy to work long hours and then hang out with his siblings throughout the week until of course, he meets Vanessa where everything could possibly change.

This book is the first in a series of books that can all be read as standalones which is something I’ve grown to really enjoy in romance books. It’s nice knowing that you can pick up any book in the series and not have to worry about reading the rest. One of the best things about engagement rate for me, was that the main Characters {Vanessa and Jackson} were flawed and not perfect people. Vanessa is currently going through a divorce which her ex-husband which is very messy and obviously is making things very difficult to work and sort out her love life, especially since she owns her current PR business with the ex. Jack also had the general personality of the big businessman and was quite dominating and headstrong BUT in this book, he realised it. He’d say things to Vanessa like about how she was ‘his’ and owning her and she’d obviously be a bit like, ‘wtf you don’t own me’ as you would. But then, he’d apologise for saying t and acting like it! Like Wow! Yes, I loved it, they seemed so much more human.

I also thought the other family members were very well done; I’ve read book series which are written in the same style as this series, {Standalone books in a series about a friend group or siblings} and you can lose a lot of the main plot and character development by trying to introduce all the characters you’re going to meet in the upcoming books, but I really didn’t feel like that happened in this book. The other siblings were all introduced but it felt very organic and didn’t take anything away from the main plot or what was actually going on between Vanessa Jackson. There were also a large number of siblings introduced in this book yet as said above, they were all incorporated and introduced so well that I actually managed to remember names and who people were!

I would 100% recommend this book if you’re into romance! It’s a very well written book with such great characters and good plot. It does have a few sexy-time scenes but they’re not over the top and they are well spaced throughout the book so if sexy-time books aren’t your scene then you could still pick this up and give it a go. You can find this on Amazon UK in paperback and for kindle.

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