Catfished – Stella Bixby Review

CatfishedCatfished follows Rylie Cooper, a twenty-something year old woman who has had to move back in with her parents and leave her job because her relationship went south. Since then she’s been applying for jobs to try and get herself back on her feet and manages to get a job as an urban park-ranger, but things don’t go smoothly.

I think this is what is called a cosy mystery, and this was my first book that I’ve read in the Cosy Mystery genre. It was a nice read but not really anything special. This was quite fast paced and, in all honesty, just a simple and easy read. This had a little bit of romance with Rylie meeting her ex-boyfriend from when she was back in high school and we get to see them catching up after being away for so long. The mystery was ok, it wasn’t too complicated and didn’t take up the whole plot line but was a still a major storyline. I did guess the murderer correctly, but I was expecting too, especially since I am a crime and thriller fan, and this wasn’t a full-on crime book so as said before, the mystery and crime elements were the whole plot.

I’m struggling to find much else to say for this! It was an enjoyable read but not really anything special. I’d definitely pick up the next one just because I know that it’s probably going to be a quick fun read that I can read within the day to refresh myself in between all my thriller and crime books. You can pick this up on Amazon UK in paperback and kindle.

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