The Adulterer’s Wife – Leigh Russell Review

The Adulterer's Wife.jpg

I’ve had the first three book in Leigh Russell’s Geraldine Steel series forever but I’ve yet to pick them up despite hearing fantastic things about them so when I saw that she had come out with a crime thriller book, I knew I’d have to pick it up! When Julies husband leaves his phone at home one morning, Julie catches a text and ends up finding that he’s possibly being cheating on her. She thinks that things can’t get worse until she comes home and finds her husband dead in bed and it’s a downwards spiral from there onwards for Julie.

I have to say I’m really really disappointed by this as I’d had such high hopes for it. I read Book Addict Shauns review when I was thinking about requesting this on NetGalley and he pointed out that there is a glaringly obvious scene that highlights who the killer is very early on in the book and he was right! There is a scene that highlighted something, and I just knew then who the killer was. I was hoping, through the whole book, that there was going to be some great twist that proved me wrong but unfortunately.

The other thing that really grated on me and annoyed me was Julie herself. I really didn’t like her, yet I had a such a great case for feeling sorry for her; her husband was cheating on her and she’d had absolutely no idea plus she was trying to manage her son as he went through his GCSE’s. But wow I really couldn’t like her! I mean she found her husband, dead, in bed next to her and she had zero empathy for his death. She was just full of hatred for him and actually seemed glad that he was dead. Like wow, he was still the father of their son and she spent a large portion of her life with him but apparently none of that even mattered! She made some incredibly stupid decisions throughout the book. I have no idea why anyone would make the decision that Julie did when there were other much saner options that she could have picked. The whole private investigator story was just ridiculous and un-necessary, and it really didn’t add anything to the story except to try and bulk out Julie’s story a bit because the mystery was just not adequate on its own.

I’m not really sure if I would recommend this, even for people who pick up the odd thriller here and there. I think there are so many better thrillers that could be picked up instead. This could have been a great crime/thriller but it had so many missed opportunities. I’m definitely still going to be picking up the Geraldine Steel Crime books as I’ve heard fantastic thing about them and I own the first 3 books.

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