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Hi, I’m Alex, a 24-year old blogger and book lover from the UK!

I have a BSc in Medical Biochemistry and I currently work in Medical Research. I’ve always enjoyed reading since I was young and decided to use this blog to share my reviews and opinions on the books I read and any other fun related book stuff like hauls!  You can read more about me in my All About lexlooksatbooks blog post!

I will read any genre however my main go-to’s are Crime, Thriller and Romance and that’s what most of my reviews will probably be based off of. I also read the odd graphic novel and non-fiction book (mainly science based). I am always open to any recommendations anyone may have for me so recommend away!

I do work a full time job along with regular exercise and other commitments so if you’re looking for someone who churns through books and reads an inconceivable amount a year then I’m probably not for you!

My Rating System is shown below:

5 stars: Absolutely loved it and cannot believe how amazing it is! Will be recommending to everyone!
4 stars: Really Enjoyed it! Had some issues but not anywhere near enough to detract from the overall awesomeness!
3 stars: It was a good book and an easy read but nothing that made it a memorable read
2 stars: It was ok and I managed to finish it so yay? Will most probably be donated – had it issues but wasn’t totally terrible.

1 star: Did not like it and will 100% not be reading again – will definitely be donating this and perhaps never speaking of it again! 

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