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Review Policy

As I’m a new blog I’m not expecting much in the way of reviews but in the event that you would like to send me your book then please just send me an email to with:

  • book name
  • the synopsis of the pitched novel
  • Any other information you want to be included in the review
  • When the book needs to be reviewed for / publication date

All of my reviews will always be 100% honest and I will not accept any compensation for a review. If I dislike a book, then there is nothing that will change my opinion and I will post the review regardless.

I live in the UK and I accept hard copies [I will supply my address if I decide to review the book] and also in eBook format so I can read it on my kindle. I do not listen to audiobooks and will not accept audiobooks to review.

I will post my review for your book to my Goodreads account, my Blog, Amazon UK and Amazon US and if I rate the book highly (4 / 5 stars) then I will do extra posts on my twitter account on publication day and before the publication date on how much I enjoyed the book.

I mainly read Romance (Mainly New Adult and Adult), Crime / Murder Mystery and Thrillers but if I am always open to other genre’s and if I like the sound of the blurb then I’ll review it! However I don’t tend to read Young Adult books and Historical Fiction.

The timescale on the book being reviewed will depend on its publication date and how many other books I have to read in front of that book (ie; books whose publication date is before your publication date) but I strive to always review books before their publication date.


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